Awesome Inc Academy

Interested in coding classes for 13-17 year olds?

Growing World-Class Software Developers

Software is all around us. Awesome Inc U exists to help people learn to code and unlock the power to create their own Mobile Apps, Websites, and Video Games. Start your journey with our classes in downtown Lexington, no prior programming experience necessary. Come join the hundreds of kids and adults who are learning to harness the power of software.

So, you’ve got the basics down. You’ve taken a class or two, followed some tutorials, built a few “Hello, world” programs. How do you go beyond learning-to-code and take your software development skills to the next level? The Awesome Inc Academy is our answer.

The Academy is our premier training program for students age 13 - 17 who aspire to be software developers. This program runs for 14 weeks each Spring and Fall semester, and meets twice a week, two hours per night.

Student with iPhone app project at Awesome Inc Academy

During program sessions, our team of coding coaches work with each student to select a challenging final project, assess his or her current skill level, then design a curriculum to help them achieve their goals. Students work alongside other highly-talented peers to gain exposure to a breadth of topics, not just their own focus area. In addition to 56 in-class hours, our coaches are available throughout the semester via Slack online chat.

Academy Outcomes:

  • Make your own Apps, Games, and Websites
  • Learn Software Development methodology, communication skills, and teamwork
  • Meet professional programmers from local tech companies
Interested in coding classes for 13-17 year olds?