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Ready to start your new career as a professional developer?

Growing World-Class Software Developers

Software is all around us. Awesome Inc U exists to help people learn to code and unlock the power to create their own Mobile Apps, Websites, and Video Games. Start your journey with our classes in downtown Lexington, no prior programming experience necessary. Come join the hundreds of kids and adults who are learning to harness the power of software.


The Web Developer Bootcamp is a 3-month, full-time training program for aspiring web developers. We’ve worked with companies throughout the region to design a curriculum to prepare you to dive into a career in web development. This intense training program is designed to quickly take you from the basics of programming to a level of competency in building modern web applications. With over 500 hours of hands-on training, you’ll gain experience while building 10+ projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, AWS, GitHub, Agile, and more.

Learn to code and make websites and mobile apps

The Awesome Inc U Bootcamp Program costs $9500. Participants are expected to be fully invested in the training process for a 3 month period. At the conclusion of the program, participants will be ready to interview with a number of our employer partners for the opportunity to earn a full time position in Kentucky at a competitive junior developer’s salary.

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Ready to start your new career as a professional developer?